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    Breaking News:  Frank Lynch has terminated his 2016 Presidential Campaign and urges everyone to support Frank Lynch University ( in its campaign to train 3,000,000 new teachers for STEM course to reverse our tragic decline in useful skills of our nations youth.


Frank Lynch Is the only candidate who has changed America

 more than  any other Presidential Candidate

Frank did not want to run for President, but sadly this far into the campaigns, every candidate has failed to mention the two most important issues facing our future: the destruction of education so that we are becoming ignorant and worthless, and the effect of China's new policies on the future of the world. So Frank must run to replace these two massive, overwhelming failures with optimistic leadership and startling, unique solutions to bring prosperity for every person.

In his 2007-08 Presidential campaign Frank set a record as the first Presidential candidate in either political party in history to have actually created jobs when he rented a storefront and built it up by himself, with no cofounders, into a publicly traded company.

 "Broken" is a term he introduced to national politics that has since become tremendously popular. Then he introduced the idea that US education was broken and no longer produced enough graduates with the scientific and technical skills to maintain our civilization. Frank campaigned for schools to teach scientific, technical, engineering and mathematical skills instead of "government administration." Frank kept pushing this from 2004 to the present, and it became a tremendous success as "STEM" education. Thanks to Frank Lynch STEM has become so popular that Fareed Zacharia tried to counteract it by writing a book "In Defense of a Liberal Education."

Frank also introduced the concept of longer school days combined with year round school to enable every child to continue living at home while completing a full Bachelor of Science degree in STEM subjects by age 16 FOR FREE! In 2015, in the same county where Frank lives, two African American girls completed their college degrees simultaneous with their high school degrees at age 16. In a Texas border town two Latino girls did the same! What does it tell us about America that Frank's concept has first been applied by minority girls, while wealthier majority men continue to stumble along as though they were in the last century? To Frank, it means that the future of our beloved country is in providing every child regardless of  race, gender or national origin or documentation, a complete, modernized, updated education instead of the broken schools we now have that flunk out 50% of minorities, leaving them with no hope, and bankrupting the kids who go to college while earning useless degrees.


The valid criticism by the mainstream media and the Democrats is that the Republican Party and all its candidates have nothing for women. Frank's free college, longer school days and year round school do more for women and their children than any other candidate of any Party! Every woman will be set free by Frank's theme. Read more about it, including the additional benefits to women in Year Round School,

Mothers can drop off their children between 7:30 and 8:30 AM for free nutritious breakfast for every child, and pick them up between 5 PM and 6:30 PM, with no extra costs, and with no worry about where their children are and what they are doing. All children learn Mandarin Chinese.'

Eight years later Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have stolen the "Free College" part of this larger concept, and without changing or improving any part of the broken school system, are campaigning for free college, which means they want to stupidly flush billions, possibly trillions down the toilet without improving anything, and without producing the skilled graduates required to maintain our civilization. In other words, Hillary and Bernie want to bankrupt America while our civilization collapses.

Frank Lynch has never held elected office, and is the "Dark Horse," the fresh new outsider, which is what everyone says they want.

Frank has much better qualifications and experience for leading our country than any TV star, neurosurgeon, or "do nothing," establishment, “so yesterday” obsolete Senator, Congressman or Governor. He is a high level business executive, financier, educator, philanthropist and publisher.

Frank Lynch is the story of a leader of a grassroots revolution for anti-globalization and bringing jobs back to America, abolishing the income tax, energy independence, free healthcare, free daycare, and free college!

All the other candidates, including Hillary Clinton, are doddering old fashioned idiots lost in the code words and obsolete ideas of the 20th Century.

True, it was a great century for America, but now it is time for a leader whose ideas make the other candidates  look like they just got out of a horse and buggy, and are all trying to sell you buggy whips.

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The Most Effective PR Campaign in History!

In his 2008 Presidential Campaign, on July 20, 2007 on this website, Frank was so disgusted that no Presidential candidate was addressing the issues which Frank deemed crucial to the future of America, that he published more than 100 pages that were unique. Frank did not waste time including any issue that was being addressed by any of the other 17 Presidential candidates. Every issue on his website, which you can see in the link in the next paragraph, was unique. None of Frank's Top Ten List was being addressed by any Senatorial or Presidential candidate, or by the national media, with one exception. The fact that all of these issues are now commonplace on the national TV and all the Presidential campaigns is a tribute to the success of Frank's 2008 Campaign. And he did it all with a $9.99 el cheapo website! Nobody in the history of America has changed the national debate so much by spending $9.99.

Frank Lynch's 2007 Democratic Presidential Campaign Website that changed America is preserved at



The Library of Congress believed that Frank's innovations were a national inflection point and archived Frank's Innovations at

The Library of Congress has recorded an historical archive of complete copies of every page and link of Frank Lynch's 2008 Presidential Campaign at 67 different dates of the campaign. At the time it was written, this was truly futuristic and unique because no other Presidential candidate had ever posted any of the ideas contained in this objectively archived government website before Frank Lynch published them.  Scroll down the first page of the Library of Congress archive to Frank's "Top Ten List" and the linked pages to understand that what Frank created in 2007 was so important that most of it has become mainstream today.




Just read the second paragraph in the center of the official US Government archive of Frank's 2007 -2008 Presidential Campaign at


Here it is:


"We love America as the Best Nation the world has ever seen, but she is temporarily ill. We must cure her by reinventing education, healthcare, energy, healing the planet, and national security. Because of her illness, the number of citizens studying math, science & engineering has been declining every year since 1990, with the result that we import doctors and nurses, and our technical products such as 100% of our laptops, TVs, iPhones, and even the wings and tail for Boeing's new Dreamliner jet must be made in Asia. Corporations send their research to China and India. Do you understand that we are already unable to sustain our civilization?" Emphasis added.


That was first published on July 17, 2007. Three years earlier, Frank the Futurist started trying to raise funds for a new University to address these catastrophic problems. NOTE: was written and published in 2005, and has changed the national dialogue on education. Fareed Zakaria on his CNN GPS show has been adopting these ideas for the last few years, but they first received national attention with the hordes of political consultants, advisors, strategists, etc. who came to Frank Lynch University as a result of Frank's 2007 Presidential Campaign. Of course, they cannot charge their bosses $300,000 or $1,000,000 a year if they say they got it from Frank! We are irritated that some copycat got $125 million out of Exxon for the theme which we created.


Even Exxon Mobil has picked up Frank's theme of improving and creating more and better teachers of Math, medicine, science, and engineering with a barrage of TV ads in the summer of 2012. Compare the Exxon websites at and

with Frank's, which from 2005 has been clamoring about America's disgraceful international rankings in math, biomed, science and engineering, which copycats have renamed as STEM, but which has been the dominant theme at for more than eight years.



 The most important thing you can do

for the future of America is to donate at

The novel issues introduced to the national debate by Frank's Top Ten List at the Library of Congress include: Broken Government, Broken Schools,  Energy Independence,  Electric Cars, Improved Batteries, the Calamitous, Nation Destroying Shortage of both teachers for, and graduates of Math, Medicine, Engineering and Science, Longer School Years and Longer School Days. In his 2012 Presidential Campaign Frank will present a plan to raise America's economic growth rate to over 15% a year, making us grow faster than China, and lift up every American child, person and the Nation, to great prosperity, self reliance and respect..

Frank got on the 2008 Presidential Primary ballots of three states, Arizona, Minnesota and Utah, and wiped Hillary Clinton's local visit off West Palm TV with 15 minutes of coverage of his 9/11/2007 press conference on the network affiliates' evening news, versus zero (yes "0") minutes for Clinton's visit, Clinton investigated him so deeply that they learned the medical insurance coverage of Frank's mother, who lived with him. Did that opposition research violate the privacy laws? His mother's medical insurance? Six days later, on 9/17/2011, Hillary changed her mind and reverted to her previously abandoned 1993 position, announced she was for universal coverage, and gave her new plan the name of the Medicare HMO of Frank's mother, "America's Health Choices." That is my favorite amazing story.

The day after Frank's TV debut, the Democratic National Committee added "Energy Independence to the first page of their website.

Clinton then copied Frank by posting a "Top Ten List" on her website! Frank quickly mocked that off of the web. said he did "ten times more for women and children that Hillary."

She responded by offering $5,000 for every baby born in the US! Frank posted that, adjusted for inflation, it was the same amount Hitler offered for every Aryan baby, and asked if the $5,000 was before or after one way airfare for every pregnant woman in the Third World. That night Hillary deleted the offer, and it cannot even be found in

Within a month CNN ran an hour special on "Broken Government" clearly written from Frank's post. In 2011 and 2012 Fareed Zakaria has been supporting my theme and my terminology with GPS shows on "Broken Government" and "Broken Education" and "Broken Schools." My question is, does Fareed read my ideas on Broken Education and Broken Government directly from my websites, or do his producers, and if so, do they tell him it is from me?

Today cyber warfare is all the buzz in Washington. Future Frank introduced it in 2006 at

Go ahead and check back at . None of the other 17 Democratic and Republican candidates, including Barack Obama, had "Frank's Top Ten" list or any other of's content on their websites or in their speeches before Frank posted them  on July 20, 2007.

Ever since then, every politician uses Frank's opening line of "Bold New Ideas" to describe deciding on what to have for lunch, when previously no politician ever wanted to be "bold" for fear of alienating a donor..


has generated an extensive presentation of Frank Lynch's Presidential qualifications.

There are two important facts about these issues introduced by Frank:

First, their current popularity establishes Frank as a national leader whose "out of the box" outsider, outlier thinking has already affected America's future.

Second, since Frank raised these issues, neither Obama nor any of the current candidates of either political party has set forth an actual fix for these issues. All they do is pay lip service and do tiny little, nibbles around the edges without having any effect. They use Frank's headlines, but are too timid and incompetent to implement the comprehensive reforms that are necessary to save America's future.

Here*/ is the Library of Congress Archive setting forth the official US Government documentation of the  speech Frank Lynch made in withdrawing from the 2008 Presidential race. The next link "Victory"  sets forth many details regarding Frank's success in getting Obama to adopt many concepts and themes which Frank introduced to the level of national media and Presidential conversations.

Here is the Library of Congress archive of Frank on Project Whitehouse


Therefore, we need Frank as President to implement the solutions.

Chen Guangcheng

The furor over Chinese rights advocate Chen Guangcheng demonstrates the hopeless incompetence of Hillary Clinton's State Department, first giving shelter to Chen, then "releasing" him into the custody of a mental health goon squad. Incredibly, while we had Chen inside the embassy, he was not allowed to communicate with the outside world, but the tyrannical China dictatorship lets him make phone calls, go on the internet and give TV interviews!

Most comical, at a time when the world's environment is being destroyed by too many people, Chen is advocating making as many more people as possible!

Exactly what is the US policy on China's One Child policy, or on birth control in the poverty stricken nations of the world? Does anyone seriously believe that starving teenage girls in Africa, Asia and South America really want to have ten or twenty children apiece, most of whom starve to death?

Does the US government and our leaders have any brains at all?


Here is a Stunning Idea:

 Instead of electing just another tired old politician who has spent most of his waking hours courting donors and lobbyists, and who knows nothing about what is important to the future of America, why not elect someone who has actual expertise in the seven areas that are crucial to our future?

 Frank is the only Presidential Candidate Who Actually Worked In A Factory at any time in their life, and then created a public company by himself. None of the others know how to get their hands dirty, or how to make something, or how to create jobs. All Romney did was sit around with a bunch of other rich kids and invest other peoples' money in other peoples' businesses. Frank used his own money.

 Why not do what the media are always blabbering about, but which never happens? Elect someone who is not a politician, someone who is a true outsider, someone who truly has bold fresh ideas?

 Consider the seven most crucial issues that will have the greatest effect on the future of our nation: (1) job creation, (2) science and technology, (3) national security, (4) banking and finance, (5) education, (6) the real estate crisis, and (7) healthcare and the problems of an aging nation, as the sole caretaker for his parents Frank and Pearl, who lived with him for 20 years and both reached 95 years and 8 months, because of the care he gave them.

 Except for Frank Lynch, who has significant experience and expertise in all seven areas, none of the other 2012 Presidential candidates, including President Barack Obama,  has career experience or achievement in any of these fields. So how can they lead America into the future?

Frank’s expertise and meaningful experience in all five of the most important areas that will determine the future of America, make him, undeniably, the most qualified candidate to lead America into the future:

1.         Creating Jobs and Businesses. Frank's candidacy sets several historical records: Frank Lynch is the first and only Presidential candidate in the history of both the Democratic Party and of the Republican Party, to fulfill the ultimate American Dream of starting a small business as the sole founder and building it up into a publicly traded company. Fewer than one in a million Americans succeed in taking their companies public each year. Frank holds the national record for the shortest time from startup to IPO in history. Frank achieved his IPO (Initial Public Offering) in only 29 months from startup to being publicly traded, and did that during the horrible 1981 stock market in which he was the first successful IPO in nine months!.  He is the only Presidential candidate of both parties who has personally created private sector jobs by starting a real operating business. Frank’s plan can add 40 million new private sector, tax paying jobs inside America without spending one penny of taxpayer money. Our President and the other candidates want to spend billions to create government jobs, corruption jobs, bribery jobs, and jobs in China, Korea and Japan.

2.          Science. A college dropout at age 18, at age 19 he was back as a National Science Foundation Researcher on a pioneering study of the biochemical effects of early experience on adult corticosteroid response to stress. Frank is believed to be the first National Science Foundation teenage researcher. That also was an unheard of achievement for an undergraduate: researchers are post-graduate students. The theory of science is a hobby, and Frank is preparing a book to restructure medical and biotechnology research in America.









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